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An Open Letter to a Back-Stabbing Friend

Dear Greedy and Back-Stabbing friend,

You are one person who doesn’t appreciate all the things I do for you. You are one person who turns your back to me when I most expect you to return me a favour. You are someone who eats at my table and talks behind my back or more precisely stab me in the back with a subtle knife. I first saw you as a loco-family, a friend and a colleague, But you are just an unworthy, self-centered and a jealous friend perhaps!

Fortunately for me I have come across many ungrateful people in my life, most of them used to be my friends, and some of them still are, and am very optimististic of coming across some further in life. You know not, how much it hurts and depresses to treat someone with love and trust, but receive the vice in return. It is very easy to go with the concept of an eye for an eye! Someone hurts you and you hurt back, they stab you in the back and you do the same.

But when I think of how brave it is to know that a friend is being unjust to you, yet you keep calm, laugh over it and move on with life with full determination! I sometimes think of how courageous I am, when I have all the power to hurt back, yet choose to turn away quietly with optimism. Very few people only choose to forgive the ungratefuls like you, because it is a very hard choice to take. It needs persons with great self-confidence and a lot of kindness and good will, which are not so much of popular traits these days! But I always have at the back of my mind that once I take that decision, once I choose not to return the ungratefulness, the back-stabbing, the lies and the back-biting; I will experience the most spectacular energy filing my soul, a new kind of joy that echoes to my conscience that I did the right thing.

I have grown to understand that you and your ungrateful likes are miserable beings, nothing is ever enough for you. Nothing satisfies your hunger, you are blinded so you can’t see the blessings that surround you, and you are trapped behind a wall of envy, greed and invidia.  I sometimes pity you since I feel fortunate enough to witness and appreciate all the blessings that God has given me in spite of your purposive ‘gerrymandering’ of the slightest opportunity that surfaces. I am able to experience real happiness through the simple things in life and yet be grateful. My soul is not empty and vague. I know how to give thanks to God and those who deserve it. I will not be sad or bothered much from your repulsive, hideous and repugnant behaviour.

As an adult, there are existential and philosophical questions and deeds you must struggle with because your answers and actions will determine your make-up. I will advise you never to accept your self-inflicted-mediocrity, strive for the excellence that exists around you, for what you produce is a reflection of the content of your soul.

We face each other as equals, yet you stab me so deep to incapacitate my aspirations, nevertheless I feel compelled to trouble you with one final piece of advice: never allow yourself to succumb to the deceit and folly of your self-inflicted-mediocrity to define your place in this universe. These inner and self-conceived or inflicted manipulators of your actions and inactions permeates every aspect of your life, as its evident now as I write this letter to you. But in the end, no one will assume responsibility for the outcome except you!

And if one day the deceptions of life force you to write a reply to this letter, with bitter ink, it will be superior to all you can receive for having lived a life of selfishness, self-centered, invidia, back-biting and a wild-goose chase. Find the strength to take the road less traveled by matured men, stumble over rocks, and on occasion lose your way; the reward at the end of your journey in life will be that it was your hard work, determination and the reciprocity of how you treated people you came across in life.

Need I remind you of a very important word? It is the Sanskrit word for action. It is equivalent to Newton’s law of “every action must have a reaction”. When we think, speak or act we initiate a force that will react accordingly. This returning force maybe modified, changed or suspended, but most people like you will not be able eradicate it. The word is KARMA. It is often referred to as “THE LAW OF KARMA”!

Your Butchered Friend Still Standing Clean!

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