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Ghana in the eyes of 2016: Can the fiscal discipline hold?

images.jpgGhana’s public resentment as has just started with Teachers and Nurses and the parent Organized Labour is expected to rise due to the poor performance of the economy, something that is expected to cost the current administration power at the 2016 elections.

The formal agreement of an assistance package with the IMF during 2015 will still continue to somehow help improve policymaking, but is not in itself an answer to all of Ghana’s current troubles. The government is expected to find it politically tricky to make the needed budgetary cuts to fiscal spending this year.

Also the expected adverse outlook for commodity prices as a result of world economic shakes will dent export performance, making 2016 a very tough year in perspective. Can we as a country withstand the tide? That’s a multi-million dollar question worth answering….

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